Social Security & Disability Benefit Disputes

Providing Optimal Benefits for Your Future

Social Security plays an important role in your life if you are disabled and unable to work. It provides financial benefits during the time you are disabled. If you or a loved one has been or will be out of work for twelve continuous months or more, you may be entitled to receiving some type of Social Security Disability Benefits.

Lasky Cooper Law in Savannah, GA wants to be there for you from the beginning of the process. We understand how daunting the process can be, which is why we have a full team that is ready to work to secure disability benefits for those who have no other source of income. You also qualify if you are not capable of completing your job due to serious injury. Working with us in the beginning prevents mistakes and increases your chances of winning the case

Has your previous claim been denied? A denied claim can be caused by lack of important evidence or by failing to make the appropriate argument. Our attorneys will assist you in the appeal of your initial claim so you receive the benefits you are entitled to.


Don’t waste any time.

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