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The attorneys at Lasky Cooper Law in Savannah, GA, are here to deliver the best results possible based on the facts of your case. Our practice focuses on helping those with auto & truck accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, personal injury and social security and disability benefit disputes.

Over the past 36 years we have assisted thousands of clients to receive the compensation they so rightfully deserve. Here is a list of some of our successful results:

$12,500,000.00: Awarded for a delayed cancer diagnosis
$7,000,000.00: Award for brain-damaged baby
$5,900,000.00: Paid in tractor-trailer crash to brain-damaged mother
$4,700,000.00: Family receive in DUI death case
$3,200,000.00: Settlement for death of construction worker
$3,100,000.00: Jury awards in negligence suit
$3,000,000.00: Award for brain-damaged Mom injured in head-on collision
$2,800,000.00: Award for industrial burn victim
$2,500,000.00: Woman and husband receive in settlement in defective car case
$2,500,000.00: Nursing home pays to local family for amputation
$2,300,000.00: Parents win in death suit
$2,100,000.00: Award for brain-damaged baby

$1,700,000.00: Fort Stewart Officer’s wife awarded
$1,300,000.00: Federal court awarded against USA for death of child
$1,300,000.00: Awarded to worker at Georgia Ports Authority
$1,200,000.00: Jury verdict awarded to Savannah woman for false arrest
$1,100,000.00: Awarded to Statesboro couple for a knee injury
$900,000.00: Jury verdict against a local health clinic for false arrest of a husband
$750,000.00: Settlement for 29 year old injured by a drunk driver
$600,000.00: Settlement for medication error which injured dialysis patient
$400,000.00: Awarded to Longshoreman after falling from a vessel
$345,000.00: Awarded to Police Officer after being hit by a tractor trailer
$284,000.00: Awarded to off-duty police officer
$267,916.00: Awarded to man injured in car wreck

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